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We started using kayaks on our educational Big Blue eco-tours back in 1998 so that we could access the shallow mangrove channels opposite our Leeward base on Providenciales. We realized right away that this was the transport of choice; shallow draft, quiet, pollution free and good exercise. The stealth of the kayak allows paddlers to view wildlife and reach areas that are just not accessible by boat or land.

Simply put, we were hooked and have not looked back. We have been exploring across the entire Caicos archipelago and studying paddle routes and eco-systems ever since. The scope of our kayak program and the knowledge of our guides, translates into unprecedented opportunities and experiences for our guests.



The Kayak Eco Tour

The original eco tour of the Turks and Caicos, is still our number one trip. Introduced well over 20 years ago, our signature 3-4 hour kayak eco tour is ideal for almost everyone, young or old, big or small. A wonderful blend of education and soft adventure introduces our guests to mangrove ecology, life in the inter tidal zone, iguanas and much more. Offered daily.


Price $145 USD / $105 under 12

Private Option

  • Up to 6 People: From $795


Kayak Snorkel Adventure
(Private Only)

Back by popular demand. The best of both worlds. Paddling in the mangroves and snorkeling across the reefs. This full day boat and kayak trip is the only one of its kind. We head off early to spend one half of the day on the water and the other half of the day in the water. Lunch on a beautiful beach divides the day. Get your greens and your blues.


Please contact us for more info or to book



Frenchman’s Creek & Chalk Sound Eco Tours

Explore southwest Provo’s remote wetland haven to see marine and birdlife or kayak/sail across the turquoise waters of Chalk Sound. Both 6hr trips are conducted for small private groups and include a picnic lunch on the beach.

Wilderness Adventures

Travel by boat to the wild wetlands along the southern coast of North Caicos. Explore this incredible labyrinth by kayak or paddleboard and enjoy the solitude, adventure and birdlife.

Sunrise & Sunset Tours

Early risers can enjoy the serenity of pre-dawn and sunrise as the Princess Alexandra nature reserve comes to life or wait until late afternoon to absorb the ambiance and light of a sunset Kayak paddle. Monthly full-moon Kayak tours take in sunset, moon rise and night time return.

**Note: ALL OUR ECOTOURS can be conducted privately





We are the definitive kayak experts of the Turks and Caicos Islands and from our base in Leeward, Providenciales, we offer our award winning guided Kayak Ecotour (daily), self-guided trips and rentals. 


Our Guides are First Class Professionals

Small Groups

We aim to max our groups to 8 per trip or 8:1 guest to guide ratio. Very often that means sharing kayaks to minimize the footprint and help split the effort.


Knowledge, patience and understanding are key components of our instructor / guide team. We are constantly training and learning to be the best we can be both as educators in marine ecology as well as Kayak guides.

What You Will See

Most of the guided kayaking tours explore areas that are shallow and protected from the wind and waves. It is in these areas that a variety of bird and marine life is best observed and workload is minimized.

The opportunity to observe juvenile marine life is exceptional. Highlights are undoubtedly the small baby sharks and turtles that also utilize the shelter of the shallows. Guides will point out small barracuda, puffer fish, bonefish, snapper, damselfish and mojarra. Sedentary marine life includes queen conch, starfish and the mangrove upside down jellyfish. Learn how the mangrove communities are such a vital part of the overall eco-system.

Birds in the heron and sandpiper families are the most common including the green heron, reddish egret and whimbrels. We also see pelicans, osprey, oystercatchers, terns, and kingbirds and on occasion, pink flamingos. One of the highlights of the 4-Hour Kayak Eco-Tour is visiting the Iguana Sanctuary on Little Water Cay, managed by the Turks and Caicos National Trust and the entrance fee is included in the price of the eco-tour. The iguanas roam the island and a raised walkway provides a short stroll through part of their territory.


Accessing the Playground

Big Blue Collective HQ is in the middle of the Leeward Channel on Providenciales and adjacent to the sheltered waters and beautiful beaches of the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve and National Park. Guided kayak eco-tours and self-guided trips depart straight from the convenient boat ramp at this property. Using boats and trailers; Big Blue will also transport its kayaks almost anywhere across the archipelago.

Visitors can utilize Big Blue’s expertise to explore off the beaten path into the wilderness of the remote cays, mangroves and tidal creeks. Both small group and private adventures are available and often combined with snorkeling and beach combing to maximize the experience.


Environmental Etiquette

Big Blue advocates minimal impact to the environment and our tour briefings will keep you informed on how to do this. Above all we paddle with care, keep noise to a minimum and do not remove anything from the National Parks. We also insist on the use of biodegradable sun cream to protect the quality of the water.

Prior Experience

The beauty about kayaking is that you do not really need any prior experience. Young or old, you can enjoy this wonderful activity. If you are not sure just ask us. There is a good reason why kayaking has been our most popular tour for over 20 years.


Protect Yourself

The sun in the Turks and Caicos is merciless. The cooling breeze can disguise its effects and even when there is cloud cover it is important to protect oneself against sunburn and dehydration.


Self – Guided tours

Long Term Rentals

Kayaks and paddleboards are available for rent at your villa or hotel with delivery provided.
Limited availability. Please book in advance.


Single and Tandem kayaks are available to rent at the Big Blue base for self-guided tours of the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve. Safety briefings, orientation, maps and dry bags provided.

PLEASE NOTE. NO RESERVATIONS are taken. Please call in on the day for times, conditions and availability. NB During peak seasons (eg Christmas/ Spring Break – demand is often greater than availability. We’ll do our best but guided tours take priority)

Multi – day Expeditions

Recreational and touring kayaks are available for multi-day use across the Caicos Islands. Camping and Inn-to-Inn options available. Please contact us for more information.


Big Blue Collective has the largest and most comprehensive kayak fleet in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

  • Recreational single and tandem Necky and Old Town kayaks (12-14ft): used for guided and self-guided tours

  • Sit-on-top single and tandem Ocean Kayaks (11-13ft) for villa rental and self-guide tours

  • Touring single and tandem Necky and Sea Valley kayaks (17-18ft) for long-distance kayaking and multi-day expeditions

  • Werner Skagit carbon fiber paddles: light and strong

  • APF universal fit youth and adult lifejackets plus a selection of child and toddles life jackets

  • Pumps, dry bags, tow ropes, skirts.

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