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Kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos Islands has become synonymous as a top world class destinations. The weather, the water and the wind make these islands an ideal place for the experienced rider looking for untapped spots to session all day, and for the complete beginner to start the amazing journey. The possibilities are truly endless: Protected bays, flat water stashes, waves, miles and miles of empty beaches with perfect sand make these islands a kiteboarder’s dream.

Our kite program became a natural extension of our love for exploring, teaching and show casing these islands. The sport dovetails perfectly with our other activities allowing us to offer you another option when perhaps it is too windy to paddle or too rough to dive. With kiteboarding there is always something to do. Learning to kite here or experiencing a session here is a must. Our home ticks all the boxes from beginner to pro. Come and join us on the water.

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Private Kiteboarding Lesson

You’ve got to start sometime. Our top notch team of international certified IKO instructors are ready to help take you from zero to hero or help refine the skills you already have. Kiteboarding is seriously addictive but requires a good knowledge of safety and the ability to troubleshoot. Our lessons give you that and more. Make it happen. There’s no time like the present.


From $175 per hour / min 2 hours

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Turks and Caicos and Long Bay in particular, is, hands down, the best place on the planet to learn kiteboarding. Its’ shallow warm waters are blessed with year round cross on shore trade winds on a perfect beach with waist deep water.


We have a core group of 5 IKO instructors, male and female, with amazing kite, watersport and athletic backgrounds all of who love to teach and share their passion. Our aim is to make sure you have the safest and most exhilarating experience on and off the water while learning or progressing in this wonderful sport.

Like all our programs and activities, safety is our number one priority. With almost 25 years in the industry we use all our experience to make solid judgment calls based on conditions and the student or rider. We don’t push you and are happy to wait for the right moment. Communication is key, both yours and ours. We want you to have the best time possible.

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You need to be comfortable in the water and able to swim to take lessons. An open mind and a calm attitude are the best assets you can bring to your first lessons.

Prior water sports experience can help as can other board sports, but not always. The bottom line is you will get wet, you will get wet, very wet and salty. If it were really easy everyone would be doing it. Trial and error is a huge part of the learning curve at every step of the way.

Away from Long Bay it is highly advised that riders can troubleshoot, perform self rescues, make deep water starts and assess conditions and correct gear choice.

Riding in off shore wind conditions is best done with a buddy and even then riders must decide whether they can swim back and completely release themselves from their kite – not always the best or only choice but risk assessment is a fundamental aspect to making safe choices when kite boarding. Bottom line – we are here to help.

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We will either pick you up at your hotel or meet you on the beach ready to take you through your first steps or help push you to greater heights.

There are many ways to learn kiting. The bottom line is to be a safe kite boarder. Be able to make good assessments, good decisions based on wind and weather as well as personal experience while be aware of one’s surroundings both launch and land areas as well as other people.

The most comprehensive way to learn is to go through our 3 step process below which is a 6-7 hour learning curve. There is no guarantee you will be up and riding at the end, as this always comes down to the individual’s ability, but what you will have is all the knowledge to learn safely and go out there and make your own mistakes but in a safe way.

If time is of the essence then for sure our most popular course is the way to go. Bear in mind that it is a condensed course designed to get you in the water and on a board quickly. It is highly recommended that if you end up loving the sport, to come back to us for a course to focus on SAFETY systems, troubleshooting and self-rescue.

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Free shuttle and pick up service: If you are staying at a resort in the Grace Bay area, we will pick you up and take you to Long Bay for your lessons.


Taxi: All the taxis know where the Shore Club entrance is. You would just tell them Long Bay Beach, through the Shore Club Entrance.


Driving to Long Bay from West side of the island or Grace Bay: Get to the Leeward Highway, the main road running the stretch of the island. Go east (away from the airport).

  • Follow this road through the last round about where the road turns to single lane.

  • Keep going and watch for a large entrance into the area called the Shore Club. Turn into the Shore Club entrance. Go to the end and turn right, then there will be an immediate left.

  • You will see a beach entrance sign and a parking area. Park where you can. Don’t leave any valuables in the car. Head to the beach access and you will see Big Blue immediately to your left.

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The conditions are ideal for learning and teaching with waist deep water, side onshore trade winds and lots and lots of space. 90% of all our kiteboarding lessons and instruction take place on the island of Providenciales at Long Bay Beach, just east of the Shore Club. Low tides are optimum for most instruction situations, although more advanced students who no longer need to be able to stand in the water are sometimes taught mid tide.

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The NE trade winds typically blow from about mid November, through until mid August with wind speeds ranging from 12 – 20+ knots suitable for 9m -12m kite sizes. The whole of the south side of Provo is essentially side onshore, perfect for flat water learning, boosting and tricks, while Grace Bay and the outer reefs are great for kitesurfing and is best sampled by seasoned riders, kite surfers and foilers comfortable troubleshooting and water starting in deep water – too deep to stand in.

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Coming from the continental US frontal systems can bring some really strong winds and steam in from the NW, meaning Grace Bay is now on shore, with sand bars and reefs covered in ramps.


There are so many backcountry stashes on Provo, around Provo and on other islands that to list them here would be almost endless. If you want to try a new place just call us. We have 3 main options easy to get to and amazing to experience, from mangroves, to flat-water heaven to out island paradises..

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Tides play a massive role in all aspects of kiting here, especially in the really cool spots, like the reefs, the slicks and the shallows. Sometimes only a high tide will suffice and sometimes only a low tide works.

Currents due to tidal movement also have a great affect on the surface conditions but also the apparent wind so be aware, ask around, better still ask us.

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“If you’re in for an epic adventure… then surround yourself with inspiring people that know what they’re doing. Nothing but good vibes and beautiful nature. Big Blue goes above and beyond to make things happen the right way. I can’t wait to be back. Thanks guys. ENJOY!”.

-RUBEN LENTEN: Professional kiteboarder and Red Bull athlete

“Thank you for such an amazing experience my team and I had during our visit to Turks & Caicos.
I will make sure to let everyone else know about the Big Blue customer service and how professional you guys are. Thank you!”.

-Dimitri Maraminedes: Owner and pro kiter, Epic Kiteboarding

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