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We have been paddling throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands since 1998 pioneering and exploring near and far, exposing some of the best places on earth to kayak and stand up paddleboard. Our SUP program has led the way in instruction, guiding, knowledge, safety and terrain.


We paddle almost every day of the year picking the best times to go with a wide range of tours catering to every experience level.

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The Paddleboard Eco Tour – Daily – 2hrs
(min age 12) (Can also be done on kayaks)

Our daily paddleboard ecotour is the standing version of our highly acclaimed kayak ecotour. This wonderful 2 hour trip focuses on the mangrove habitat and ecology, so vital to these islands. Paddleboard guides and instructors teach our guests all the basics of this very simple activity before heading out across the channel and into the mangroves, less than 5 minutes away. Small groups of 6+ will find themselves surrounded by nature and immersed in the beauty of life within the mangroves. An absolute must do while visiting these islands.


Price $115

Private option

  • From $625 for up to 6 guests

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Backcountry Paddle Safaris

(min age 12)

Our Paddleboard Eco Tour to Mangrove Cay is just the beginning. Over one third of these islands are made of mangroves forests, interspersed and laced with tidal channels. Our Backcountry Paddle Safaris (by SUP or kayak) are an amazing way to get off the grid and experience a side of the TCI people rarely if ever see.



  • from $1895 up to 6 persons

Please contact us for more info or to book

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Paddleboarding is fairly easy. Our guides and instructors are meticulous in their approach to help keep all our tours fun, interesting, simple and safe.


Our Instructors & Guides are First-Class and Professional


We use the best gear on the market, Imagine Surf, Naish and Quickblade paddles to bring you the best that paddleboarding has to offer in order to make your experience as amazing as possible but also to introduce you to what gear works in what conditions best.

Small Groups

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Knowledge, patience and understanding are key components of our instructor / guide team. We are constantly training and learning to be the best we can be both as educators in marine ecology as well as SUP instructors.

We have all trained under the world’s best coach, SUP pioneer and legend Dave Kalama, while also being certified as Paddle Fit instructors and we want to pass our knowledge onto you. 

We only deal in genuine small group excursions. By that we mean 6/8 guests to 1 guide. You will not see us leading large groups around, where both the experience is diminished but also the environment is compromised. This is the reason why we are the first choice for residents, tourists and the TCI tourist board alike.

What You Will See

There is much to see from the standing vantage point of a paddleboard. Like kayaking the stealth and quietness allows for close encounters with birds, turtles, juvenile shark and much more. Standing allows one to see life a little easier and as such is an ideal platform to see TCI’s mangrove and intertidal wildlife.

Conditions & Accessibility

We are surrounded by first class paddleboarding conditions. In short the Turks and Caicos are a paddlers paradise. Our access to and knowledge of the parks, nature reserves, wilderness and backcountry is unrivalled. Our boards are all racked and stacked on site just outside our office and within minutes we will have you on the water and heading out towards to the mangroves. We have back up safety plans and support vessels if weather conditions turn against us. Those same vessels allow us to penetrate the backcountry wilderness of the Turks and Caicos and take you places no one else can get to.


Tides play a massive role in the timing of our trips and as much as possible we run tours around the high tides. Knowledge is key however, using the tide to our advantage allows us to ride an incoming tide up and use an out going tide for the return journey. Wind can be an enemy or our friend. That all depends on what we are doing and where we are going. We like the wind on our backs and using her to our advantage means we often cover massive distances in short spaces of time.

Prior Experience

Most people have not really paddled before so prior experience is not essential on any of our classic 2 hour SUP Eco Tours. We will teach you the basics – from zero to hero. Our longer adventures do require some form of prior experience and thus we always insist joining the classic before doing anything else.

The same goes for rentals. We want be sure, you are sure you know where you are going and what to do before heading out on your own.

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If you prefer, call us at 1(800)-982-5705 

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