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Snorkeling is a major part of the Big Blue Collective eco-adventure program. Like everything we do, the manner in which we approach the experience is paramount. By keeping our group sizes small and intimate, guides can easily share their knowledge of the marine and coral life on board the boat before, during and after snorkeling.

Guides can also provide better snorkel supervision for those who need it and ensure both the safety of the participants and minimal environmental impact. Small groups, safety and education all go hand in hand and result in a superior guest experience. Big Blue Collective takes a maximum of 8 guests on *most snorkel excursions.


The Snorkel Eco Tour

This half day eco tour is dedicated to in water time snorkeling our nearby local reefs. The difference: we get in the water with you, to show the cool stuff and you stay in as long as you want. We follow tide to get the best visibility and work hard to stay well away from the crowds. It’s a great trip for water loving families and hugely popular with our guests, who very often then jump on our Edge of the Banks trip looking for even more adventure off the beaten path.


Price $165 / $125 under 12’s

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Edge of the Banks

Our full day snorkel adventure is a big favourite of our team and guests, and for good reason. It’s an awesome trip that explores remote reefs, islands or cays on the edge of the Caicos banks. The focus is all about the ocean, snorkeling, freediving, exploring and more. No two trips are the same. During whale season, we look for whales and very often we find dolphins. The magic is anything can happen. We just have to be ready. First in, last out. This is one trip you don’t want to miss. Join us.


Price $295 / $245 under 12’s

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Private Charters

Private Charters allow you and us the most options and flexibility to be as versatile and accommodating as possible. When it comes to snorkeling and free diving this means we can stay in one place as long as you want to or move to the next cool spot. Dolphin encounters become personal and in water time is determined by your groups wishes and desires.


From $1495

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There are a handful of patch reefs accessible from the beach on Providenciales. These include the Bight Reef adjacent to the Coral Gardens Hotel in Grace Bay and Smith’s Reef on the outside of Turtle Cove Marina. They are small reefs but fun to snorkel around.

Snorkel Tours



Big Blue Collective provides high quality and complimentary Cressi Sub snorkel equipment on all its excursions including children’s sizes. Staff will help size and fit equipment correctly. Snorkel belts are available.



Please listen to the thorough briefing given by your guide or boat captain before entering the water. Big Blue guides will often pair snorkelers into buddy teams who should stay close together (5-10ft) and check on each other regularly.

To maintain the best angle to breathe through your snorkel and keep water out look down at an approximate angle of 45 degrees. Keep your body flat and use power from the upper part of your legs rather than bicycle kicking with your calf muscles which can cause cramp.

When you stop to look around above the surface of the water or talk to your snorkel buddy be aware of where your legs are and what is beneath you. It is easy to kick or drift into coral without meaning to. Remember, the fire coral fights back!

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The flow of the tide can make a significant difference to the clarity of the water on certain reefs. Big Blue does its best to coordinate excursion times to coincide with optimal conditions.

Although the Turks and Caicos are blessed with excellent weather and sea conditions the majority of the time, the islands are situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and can experience both large ocean swells and local wind driven waves.

Big Blue Collective will always assess the sea conditions before departing the marina to determine suitability of the snorkel conditions. On occasion conditions might not be what is expected and an excursion may need to be diverted to more protected areas of the reef or rescheduled to ensure a safe and quality experience.

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No prior snorkel experience is required on our 4-hour snorkel eco tour excursions with Big Blue, or any private charter but participants should be comfortable swimmers. Big Blue guides can provide some basic snorkel instruction in the field including advice on use of equipment and body position in the water. Some snorkel experience is preferred for the ‘Edge of the Banks’ snorkel adventure as distance from land or the boat may be increased.

Snorkel lessons are available at Big Blue Collective with experienced scuba instructors. This can start beachside to maximize comfort and progress to deeper water as students improve their skills and confidence.

Snorkelers already comfortable with the sport and able to swim underwater may benefit from learning some basic freediving techniques. All the Big Blue guides can assist with breath holding and duck diving practice but caution must be taken before swimming through any overhead environment.

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Gear & Safety
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"This was an incredible highlight of our first trip to Turks & Caicos - I highly recommend a Snorkel Eco Tour with Jake, Lee & Dre, they were amazing! We set out to snorkel on the reefs but Jake & Lee soon spotted a whale not too far away....they were very careful in approaching it, making sure not to distress or frighten it. As we got closer they realized it was even more exciting - a mother and it's calf! I thought they were kidding when they said we would could get in the water and swim to see it....they cautioned us to be as quiet as possible and in we went with Lee guiding us carefully toward the whales. It truly took my breath away, it was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had to be so close to this enormous peaceful creature! For more excitement, as we finally made our way on the boat to the reef for snorkeling, we were joined by a pod of playful dolphins who joyfully jumped in and out of the wake from the was truly a day to remember!"

- ABAFALLS: 2/26/2021

"My husband and I loved this tour. Due to his heavy research on tour companies, we knew Big Blue wouldn’t disappoint, and they most certainly did not. Mark and Mike led us through caves, a snorkeling excursion, and educated us about the islands. The snacks and fantastic grilled fish lunch was an added bonus. Absolutely delicious. These guys know their stuff. And, they took such good care of us, showing us out of the way hidden places off the beaten path. Their passion for the Turks and Caicos is obvious and their energy inspiring. BOOK NOW.​"


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