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From USD$250

  • Lowest Price Guarantee


Partnered with Lift Foils, Fly TCI offers guests an unparalleled experiential watersport experience as you fly over the water.​ Whether you’re traveling with a group, looking for a family-friendly activity or a solo traveler looking for a new adventure Fly TCI has you covered!​


  • 1.5 hours


  • One Board: $250

  • Two Boards: $450

  • Three Boards: $600

  • Four Boards: $800

  • Five Boards: $1,000

  • Six Boards: $1,400

Meeting Point

Clients will either meet on Leeward Beach or the Leeward Canal depending on conditions.


This was the highlight of our trip to Turks and Caicos! My husband has been wanting to try this ever since we saw them in Hawaii and Portland. We’re in our 50’s and 60’s, so weren’t sure how this was going to go. Justin, our instructor, was amazing. He broke down the process on how to ride the board step by step. Once we got out on the water, he stayed with us and gave us instructions to improve our skills. Both my husband and I were able to get up on the boards and do some decent rides. We both rode on the water quite a bit. Towards the end, we were able to get up in the air. What an experience! We’ll be doing this again!

- Lisa Flowers

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